Have you ever wonder how fat loss actually, physically happens? Do carbs make you fat?
What’s the best way to workout to lose fat?
What is Metabolism, exactly?
How do the glycolytic, lipolytic, aerobic, and anaerobic energetic pathways work together to maximize metabolic energy while minimizing adipose tissue storage?

Find the answer to these questions and more right here in this in-depth discussion of the Physiology of Fat Loss!

I break down the basic physiology of fat loss in this epic, nearly 2 hour edition of 55 Min Physiology. Understanding this will improve your likelihood of achieving your (or your client’s) weight loss goals!

Want the short version? Check out 5 Min & 25 Min Physiology of Fat Loss Videos.

Questions? Send them to me on Twitter or Instagram @DrAndyGalpin or visit my website for more information.

Thanks everyone!

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