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In this episode of the Supplement Engineer Podcast, I’m joined by the one and only, Dr. Layne Norton.

Layne is a pro natural bodybuilder, accomplished powerlifter, renowned physique coach, and the co-founder of Outwork Nutrition.

He’s been a mainstay in the evidence-based community, and our conversation is not to be missed!

Topics covered during our discussion:

The origins of Outwork Nutrition
Lessons learned from Carbon supplement line
Vetting contract manufacturers
Deep dive into Outwork Recovery
In-depth discussion of Outwork Pre-Workout
What has a bigger impact on performance — the mental or physical boosting ingredients in pre workout supplements?
BCAA and Type 2 Diabetes
Leucine & Cancer
Are GDAs worth it?
Volume vs Intensity for Hypertrophy
and MORE!

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