Episode 45 of the REAL BODYBUILDING PODCAST brings you to of the industry’s smartest coaches, Layne Norton and Chris Tuttle. Blending bro science with real science offered a lot of clarification to some topics that have been tossed around lately.

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Time Stamps:

08:02 – Immune boosting supplements, do they work?

18:11 – Is bulking needed and how much is too much? (natural)

30:50 – How does someone know their body fat set point?

39:22 – How much can someone on PED’s bulk?

54:40 – Building muscle while too lean or in a deficit?

59:49 – Flexible dieting.

1:11:55 – High sugar vs low sugar foods and fat loss.

1:26:18 – Flexible dieting again.

1:43:52 – Fruit during a diet.

1:53:19 – Breaking plateaus in the offseason.

1:59:16 – White fish for getting shredded.

2:03:45 – Fasted cardio or fed cardio?

2:12:26 – Nutrient timing. 6 meals a day or 3 meals a day?

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