Heya folks! So here I thought I would explain what exactly goes into calculating your calories, it’s not just a number that you pull from nowhere, there are a bunch of factors involved in how much you need to eat. Eating less is such a small part of my lifestyle – to compare, I was in maintenance and surplus calories for 13 months now to focus on building and growing muscle (you may recall I talked about being in surplus a few months ago in a video), and only now am I dipping back into a deficit for a little while, this is also what’s called a cut, because we’re cutting calories/body fat. Your body is capable of far more than just fat loss, and this should not be your only goal year-round.

Please remember that weight is such a subjective variable and doesn’t show the whole picture of your body composition or internal health. I am about 5’8″ and weight will look different based on height, amount of lean tissue, as well as genetic structure.

There is a big difference between ‘health’ and the ‘fitness industry’ and I always try to keep hormonal health in mind with any move I make for myself (and my clients). This is also a big part of why I track, as I can see what does/doesn’t work for me, and by having the history I know how to change variables. I decided I wanted to share this as it is part of my fitness journey currently, and I’d rather be open and honest with what I’m doing (even though fat loss is such a dirty word on the internet right now haha), rather than changing things and not talking about it, leaving people to wonder what’s going on. I use ‘counting calories’ as a method to structure out my food for the day (I don’t count as I go, I plan it all out beforehand) so I have a blueprint to just follow so I can get on with my day with minimal fuss.

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