Magnesium is a very important mineral for everyone and the sad truth is that many of us don’t absorb enough daily. But this is especially true of athletes and anyone undergoing high intensity exercise… of course this includes bodybuilders. And while magnesium is a mineral that we should all keep track up for our overall health, it is extra important for bodybuilders to actually understand how magnesium can not only effect their health but their contest prep. In cutting water weight before a competition – you are also flushing out many of your minerals including magnesium. This can cause a depletion of energy and muscle cramps… which are the last things needed when posing on stage during the highlight of a year’s worth of hard work and progress.

Jerry Brainum goes into detail about everything bodybuilders should know about magnesium. Don’t write this off – it’s the small changes and details that make the difference between a great athlete and a legendary one. Watch the full episode of Straight Facts above!

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