In this video I breakdown my overall thoughts on Layne Norton’s Ph3 Program / Trainer. I have run the entire 13-week cycle and I figured since many people have questions on Ph3, I would give my in-depth review.

Layne’s Channel:

– Designed by Dr. Layne Norton, PhD
– 13-week powerlifting program w/ hypertrophy
– Concepts used: BFR, RIR, DUP, Auto-regulation

– Powerlifters
– Anyone looking to get bigger AND stronger
– Minimum Wilks of 300 required
– Mainly for those in a calorie surplus
– Those who are used to squatting, benching, and deadlifting multiple times per week

– Broken down into four 3-week blocks with a deload and mock meet the 13th week
– Squatting 3x, Benching 3x, Deadlifting 2x
– Five training sessions per week
– Specific days for isolation work
– Volume gradually tapers down as intensity increases

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