The Netflix ‘Game Changers’ documentary purports to be a movie about “plant-based eating, protein, and strength,” it ends up extending itself far beyond this modest description. While I have been deeply sympathetic to vegan diets on grounds ranging from nutrition to animal welfare, there are limits to any form of food consumption and merits to many others. According to scientist, author, strength coach and competitor Layne Norton, ‘Game Changers’ goes too far into unsubstantiated claims to curry favor for veganism.

The movie claims, for example, one of the major contributors to Nate Diaz’s win at UFC 196 over Conor McGregor was that Diaz was vegan and McGregor ate meat. It also claims, with limited and dubious evidence, ancient gladiators were nearly vegan or that all animal diets cause inflammation.

In this interview from my SiriusXM radio show, Dr. Layne Norton joins me to discuss both an article he wrote as well as a YouTube video he created debunking many of the claims ‘Game Changers’ tries to make.

Here’s Layne’s complete article/video on the Game Changers documentary:

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