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This is just my two cents.
Layne Norton, some people love him and others love to hate him.
chances are if you’re into powerlifting or bodybuilding you’ve heard his name at least once.
If you by chance don’t know who he is.
Heres a Quick biography, he has his PHD in nutritional sciences. He’s an IFPA & NGA natural pro bodybuilder. And also lists himself as a professional powerlifter.
Layne is most notably known for being a bodybuilding and physique coach. He boasts that he’s coached over a thousand people in 13 years. That being said that’s what we’re here to talk about.
As many of you know I have been contemplating competing in classic physique. And as my degree has taught me many things about exercise in relation to health, weight loss, and strength and conditioning. It failed teaching me more than just the basics of bodybuilding because Bodybuilding is still taboo in the education world.
So when Layne posted his contest prep book up for pre sale I immediately bought it.
I just finished the book cover to cover and I have to say I was impressed with the detail he was able to pack into it. It has 264 total pages. And covers everything you need to know about dieting for a competition.
Layne is very thorough not only in his recommendations but also citing research articles validating his recommendations.
The only place I feel it’s lacking is in the chapter about training and when it discusses post competition or the off season.
Now that’s not to say he doesn’t give you some basics, but if you’re not a seasoned lifter or don’t know a lot about programming workouts then you might feel like you’re missing out a little bit. But in Layne’s own words and defense those two subjects alone could very well be books of their own.
Overall, it is a bit of an expensive book to only be 264 pages. But if you’re wanting to learn more about competition prep or if you’re a veteran lifter then this is a great place to start or addition to your current knowledge.
I do want to iterate the if you’re a beginner or have been lifting less than 1-2 years, or even if you’re just a casual gym goer that doesn’t want to compete. Then I wouldn’t worry about buying the book. It wont’t benefit you any more than any other book on the market.
I personally am stoked that I bought it. I think it has been and will be a great asset as I prep myself to the stage.

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