Jerry Brainum: If Flex shows up in the best shape ever… he can win.”

Flex Lewis shocked the world after he announced he would no longer compete in the 212 division. This came after he dominated with a recurring seven 212 Olympia victories. While some thought he was retiring, he later revealed that he would be bumping up to the Men’s Open division. But how will he stack up against the other top contenders? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Jerry Brainum analyzes Flex Lewis’ physique and concludes that he can win the Mr. Olympia… with one caveat.

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Flex Lewis is one of the greatest bodybuilders currently active. Regardless of division, Lewis maintains a near-perfect physique. Now with his announcement that he will be competing in the Men’s Open, we can finally put the comparisons across divisions to the test. Is Flex Lewis’ powerhouse physique enough to bump up into Men’s Open and win the Mr. Olympia?

We turned to Jerry Brainum, a long time bodybuilding analyst, researcher, and journalist. Can Flex Lewis make a splash at his debut in the Men’s Open at Mr. Olympia? Brainum not only thinks he can be a big threat, he thinks that Lewis can actually win the whole competition. Of course, this would require Flex Lewis to come in with the best physique of his life. Brainum believes based off his previous years competing in 212 that Lewis has what it takes to pull it off.

His biggest disadvantage, as Jerry Brainum sees it, will be his height. While Flex Lewis is not extremely short, he comes in slightly smaller than other top Men’s Open competitors. This has constantly been a setback for many talented bodybuilders including Lee Labrada and Shawn Ray among many others. Will it be enough of a factor to through off Flex Lewis’ chances?

Jerry Brainum remains confident. Regardless of division, Brainum believes that Flex Lewis presents a package that is rarely seen in bodybuilding today. He stands tall as one of the best across all divisions.

It’s unfortunate that this year’s bodybuilding season has been riddled with delays and cancellations due to the pandemic across the globe. Flex Lewis should be set to compete at this year’s Mr. Olympia (not set to happen in December). With so much up in the air, it remains unclear if this date will change again. But when we finally do get to see Flex Lewis on the Olympia stage – it will be an exciting moment indeed.

Check out Jerry Brainum’s full comments on Flex Lewis in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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