Present :



Cllr Mrs M E Sargent (Chairman)


Community Councillors

Cllr W H Allen, Cllr H R Davies, Mrs S ap Hywel, Cllr Mrs A Nash, Cllr A Pennington,

Cllr R Phillips, Cllr Ms S Williams


Clerk to the Council - Mrs Helen Treherne


184.     APOLOGIES


Apologies were received from Cllr Mrs A Collins, Cllr P Slarke, Cllr S Skivens




The minutes of the Council Meeting held on 14 March 2013 having been previously circulated were considered and duly accepted and signed as a true record by the Chairman.




(a)The Clerk gave an update on the list of items from the previous meeting that she had been asked to raise with Caerphilly County Borough Council. All items had been dealt with satisfactorily by CCBC


(b)  Post box and dog fouling bins (item 168 (b))


The Clerk reported that she had received a reply to the appeal that she had submitted to Royal Mail, but the appeal had not been upheld. The Clerk asked Councillors what they would like her to do next and Councillors felt that at present there was nothing that could be done as the appeal had been turned down.


                 RESOLVED : Noted


Heavy goods lorries using St Cenydd Road (Council meeting 18.10.12, item 86(d))


The Clerk reported that she had received a reply from CCBC officers, who were not aware of any previous commitment/promises made by CCBC about diverting LGV’s away from St Cenydd Road. Councillors could not recall when the promise had been made and asked the Clerk to check with Cllr S Skivens, who had brought up the item initially. If no evidence could be found of a commitment, then the Clerk would ask if a sign could be erected, diverting LGV’s away from St Cenydd Road.


           RESOLVED : Clerk to contact Cllr Skivens and then CCBC


Bad state of Hendredenny Road (item 168 (b))


The Clerk had received a reply from CCBC to say that instructions had been issued for works to patch two defects in the carriageway between Hendredenny lights and the Bowls roundabout. With regards to the poor state of the road leading to Hendredenny estate, Cllr H R Davies said that he had spoken to officers at CCBC who had informed him that repairs would be done by the end of the month.


                 RESOLVED : Noted




            Declarations of Interest – Public Register


The Clerk reminded Members that it is their responsibility and duty to declare any interest they may have in matters that come before meetings of the Community Council.


            RESOLVED – Noted (to comply with requirements of the Local Government Act 2000)




As agreed, there was no Police present at this meeting.




            The following planning application was considered :


(a)       13/0217//FULL – 60 Drum Tower View, Caerphilly CF83 2XW

-           Erect storm porch to front elevation


(b)       13/0222/FULL – Llaregyb, 1 Pentywn Isaf, Caerphilly CF83 2NR

            -           Erect ground floor extension and new roof


(c)       13/0225/FULL – 30 Heol Rhos, Caerphilly CF83 2BE

            -           Erect single storey extension to rear of property


The above planning application was considered by the Council.


RESOLVED – in the general interest of the community that :


having been previously circulated to Members and having received no comments or objections in respect of applications (a), (b) and (c) the Clerk’s action in informing the Planning Authority that the Council does not wish to make any comments or raise any objections to the applications be noted.  




Planning permission had been granted to a dog grooming facility at 19 Cae’r Fferm.


Planning permission had been granted to a Veterinary Centre on St Cenydd Road.


                        RESOLVED - Noted




a)         Various


            Cllr W H Allen reported that he had attended the following :


            Penyrheol Community Centre Management Committee meeting.


b)        Various


            Cllr H R Davies reported that he had attended the following :


            Presentation Evening at St Cenydd Community School;


            Playscheme sub-committee meeting.


c)         Various


            Cllr S ap Hywel reported that she had attended the following :


            Caerffili and District Twinning Association event.


d)        Various


            Cllr Mrs A Nash reported that she had attended the following :


            Hendre Junior School AGM.


e)         Various


            Cllr A Pennington reported that he had attended the following :


            Playscheme sub-committee meeting;


            Playscheme interviews.


            f)         Various


                        Cllr Mrs M E Sargent reported that she had attended the following :


                        Bobath Cymru fundraising event.


            g)         Various


                        Cllr S Skivens reported that he had attended the following :


                        Governors’ meeting at Hendredenny Primary School.




            (a)       Various


The Clerk gave an update of matters that have been resolved and matters that are still under discussion with CCBC.


            RESOLVED – Noted 


(b)       Various


The Clerk requested Members to advise her of any matters they have previously requested to be raised with CCBC that are still unresolved or outstanding.


The Clerk advised Members that if they report any matters to the Customer Care Line of CCBC that they obtain the log number as this is very important in following up matters.


            RESOLVED – Noted       


(c)        Various


                                    Cllr W H Allen said that there was a sign at Lidl in Penrhos advising of car parking spaces in Caerphilly, but the sign was on the way out of Caerphilly. He had been asked if a sign could be erected so that people could read the sign coming into Caerphilly.


            RESOLVED – Clerk to contact CCBC requesting the sign


(d)       Various


                        Cllr Mrs A Nash said that CCBC had done a good job of cleaning the back lane in Trecenydd but she wondered if the old 49 Club site could be cleaned up as there was broken glass scattered around and it was overgrown.  


                        RESOLVED – Clerk to contact CCBC with view to having the former 49 Club site cleared up.


            (e)       Various


                        The Chairman said she had received a request for the small road between First Avenue and Second Avenue to be blocked off as cars were cutting through at speed. Cllr Mrs Nash said that they had looked into this in the past but had not been successful due to access required by emergency vehicles etc. Councillors
asked the Clerk to contact the four/six houses in that road to find out what their views were before contacting CCBC


                                                RESOLVED – Clerk to write to the residents of the road








(a)       Press Items


            The Clerk outlined press cuttings of interest that affected the Council’s area.


              RESOLVED – Noted


            (b)       Caerphilly County Borough Council


Email from CCBC re : measles fact sheet.


                        RESOLVED – Noted


Email from CCBC re : guidance issued to local authorities to help farmers affected by the extreme recent weather conditions.


                        RESOLVED – Noted


(c)        General correspondence


                        The Patients Voice News Bulletin received from Aneurin Bevan Community Health Council. Councillors felt that the Newsletter was a good idea. The linen issue was concerning and Cllr R Phillips said that a lot of linen had been left in his house when an ambulance had brought him home from hospital and if this was happening often, it was no wonder there was a linen shortage. Also, Cllr H R Davies felt that the News Bulleting could be seen as insensitive as it mentioned an overstretched service in hospital A & E Departments, whilst there was a lot of concern and unrest regarding lack of A & E facilities at Ystrad Mynach Hospital. Perhaps a News Bulleting could be tailored for each hospital.


RESOLVED – Clerk to write to Aneurin Bevan Community Health Council to convey the above observations


Thank you cards had been received from Cllr A Collins, Mrs Christine Thompson on her retirement as Head of Hendre Junior School and also from Cllr Mrs Nash’s daughter, Debbie for her bouquet on coming out of hospital


                        RESOLVED - Noted




            The Clerk presented the above, which were all approved. The Chairman signed off the accounts and end-of-year reconciliation and also signed off the cash book.


RESOLVED – Quarterly financial statement, end-of-year reconciliation and annual accounts approved for year end 31 March 2013




            The Clerk recommended that Mr Roger Williams be asked to audit the accounts for year end

31 March 2013.


                                                RESOLVED – Mr Roger Williams be asked to audit annual accounts




An email had been received from CCBC regarding Governor vacancies at Hendre Junior School and Hendredenny Junior School. Several Councillors were already Governors and felt that they would not have enough time to become a Governor at another school. As some Councillors were not in attendance, it was decided to place this item on the agenda for the next meeting.


                                                RESOLVED – Item to be placed on agenda at next meeting




The Clerk had wanted to ask the incoming Chairman if he would like a Civic Service this year so that she could book the venue, but as Cllr S Skivens was not in attendance, this would be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.


                                                RESOLVED – Item to be placed on agenda at next meeting


197.                 SUMMER PLAYSCHEMES


            The Clerk informed Councillors that they had recruited three new Playworkers at the recent interviews and that it had been a very hard decision. Everything was on track for the playschemes and the Awards for All grant of £5,000 would be going into the bank any day now.






The Clerk informed Councillors that Cllr S Skivens wanted to arrange a meeting with the Police Commissioner to discuss working together with the Prince’s Trust. Councillors gave their availability and the Clerk would now go back to the Police Commissioner with dates for a possible meeting.


RESOLVED – Clerk to contact Police Commissioner with dates




            The Clerk informed Councillors that the Newsletter was on track and that most items had been sent to the Printer’s. As soon as a proof was available, the Clerk would send out to Councillors for proof reading.


                                                RESOLVED – Clerk to send out proof to Councillors when available




No donation acknowledgements had been received.





201.     DONATIONS

                                                                                                                                                                                                  a)         Penyrheol Bowling Club


RESOLVED – in the interest of benefit to the community that a donation of £200 be approved


b)         Capel Y Groeswen


Councillors were interested to know what other sources of funding the Chapel had and asked the Clerk to write to the Chapel’s Secretary to find out. In the meantime, however, a donation of £200 would be awarded.


RESOLVED – Clerk to write to Capel y Groeswen and in the interest to the community that a donation of £200 be approved.


c)         Parish of Caerphilly


RESOLVED – in the interest of benefit to the community that a donation of £200 be approved


d)         Menter Iaith Caerffili


RESOLVED – in the interest of benefit to the community that a donation of £100 be approved


e)         Caerphilly County Borough Access Group


RESOLVED – in the interest of benefit to the community that a donation of £150 be approved


f)         St Cenydd Sensory Needs Department


RESOLVED – in the interest of benefit to the community that a donation of £200 be approved




            The following payments were approved by the Council :


  1. (a)Clerk’s salary – April 2013;


  1. (b)Clerk’s expenses – April 2013;


  1. (c)Inland Revenue – April 2013;


  1. (d)Members’ expenses April 2013;


(e)        Canon – photocopier (£102.41)






a)         Cllr R Phillips asked for an update on the Clerk’s meeting with Playworks with regards to the new requirements by HMRC regarding submission of monthly and end of year tax returns. As discussed at the previous meeting, if the Clerk were to do the returns herself, a new wages software package would have to be purchased by the Council as it had more than nine employees (including playscheme staff). A one-off setup fee of £7.50 per employee would be payable to Playworks, then £5 per payslip per month – minimum of £10 per month charged (first two months of payslip charges are free). Playworks would deal with all PAYE payments to HMRC, processing of P45/ P46 and monthly submission to HMRC. As agreed at the previous meeting, the Clerk had agreed at the meeting with Playworks that she would pass the work over if the fee was reasonable and the fact that it would cost a lot more to purchase a new wages software package. Therefore, Playworks would charge the Council £10 per month for doing the Clerk’s wages and tax return as it would be a minimum charge of £10 per month and in August they would charge £5 per pay slip for the Playworkers, a total cost of £82.50 in the first year for one-off set-up fee and £165 per year for all the payslips, tax returns etc.


                        RESOLVED – Playworks to deal with staff wages and HMRC returns




RESOLVED that the next meeting be held on Thursday, 9 May 2013 at Penyrheol Community Centre, following the AGM


            PLEASE NOTE

            Should there be any queries relating to these minutes would Members kindly contact the Clerk.

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