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The ceremony is the ritual offerings incense Buddha worship, the memory of the merit of Nguyen Minh Khong, the sacrificial Cao Son and the worship of the Holy Master of the Thousand. The procession begins with the procession of God Cao Son, Nguyen and Thuong Ngan from the ancient temple area to the new temple to conduct the Assembly.

 The festival includes folk games, cave and pagoda tours, and the Chèo, Xam, Ca tru unique art of the ancient capital. The stage was performed by the Ninh Binh Cheo Orchestra to recreate the feast day of Dinh Tien Emperor and the ceremony of King Quang Trung on Mount Dinh before the military.

 At this festival, delegates and monks and nuns, pilgrims and pilgrims will participate in prayers for the nation of peace and prosperity, prosperous rain, prosperous country.

 The special thing at Bai Dinh Pagoda is that the place is always open. The Buddha statue located outside attracts a large crowd of pilgrims.


Lesson 5. Festivals of Holy Emperor Quy Minh Dai Vuong

   The festival of Holy Emperor Quy Minh Dai Vuong held on March 18 lunar year, at the temple Tran, also called Noi Lam Temple, one of the four towns of the Hoa Lu Kinh, located in the complex of Trang An nowadays.

 This is one of the unique traditional festivals of Ninh Binh province, taking place in the space of green waterfalls, caves with many shimmering stalactites and four majestic mountains but equally. Romantic part.

 According to legend, Holy Trinh Dai Vuong, one of the three brothers - the three canonized generals (Holy Virgin, Venerable Cao Son, and Emperor Quy Minh) Hung Due King - Hung King 18th.

 The festival is held annually to commemorate the Eminence of Eminent Emperor Minh and his wife, who have contributed to the cause of preserving the country, gratitude for His blessing and helping people to rain, Life is warm, happy.

Boat landing - where to stop before the Tran Temple

 Nearly 1,000 boats bring visitors to a remote area marked by legendary container. In the distance is the majestic mountains beside the calm water surface, floating roof of the temple, mossy style, ancient, bold imprint of the historic Hoa Lu capital.


 During the procession, visitors will be immersed in nature, admire poetic beauty.

 Next, the art items such as singing xát, singing rowing, drumming, ... will bring visitors special spiritual food before the boat.

 Arriving at the Temple, the convoy carried out a procession of water, release, and the dragon symbol rolled three rounds in the middle of the river. These rituals to pray for the good wind and good life for the people. The Holy Festival of the Holy Emperor Minh Emperor contributed to make Trang An a spiritual beauty that appeals to visitors.

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