Dr. Spencer Nadolsky: http://www.steadymd.com/biolayne

So many people talk about how IIFYM can’t possibly be healthy even though you control calories and hit your protein, carb, fat, and fiber targets. So was my blood work really that bad?

-HDL was very high
-TAGs were very low
-Cholesterol was slightly elevated but it’s always been slightly high since I was a kid but my HDL/LDL ratio was very good.
-CRP (inflammation) was so low it was almost non-detectable
-HbA1c was very low (insulin sensitivity)
-Thyroid was normal
-Testosterone and free testosterone were very high, in fact slightly out of the normal range. I’m sure this will generate a lot of controversy, however my HDL is high and TAGs are low, both of which are typically dysregulated in steroid users. Also any time I’ve tested testosterone its been on the high end of normal. But my testosterone to estrogen ratio has always been normal. Unfortunately we did not get the testosterone results back until 24 hours after Spencer went back home.




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