The Reverse Diet RECAP – If you don’t have time to watch the 14 weeks series on my YouTube channel perhaps take a listen to the summary video -(full link in my bio)
We couldn’t fit everything in that we wanted to discuss in my ‘Week 14 update’ video, so this is a summary of the past 14 weeks.
Honestly we could have spent an hour discussing each of the topics we touched on today, not to mention the topics we didn’t get time to cover or this would be an 2 hour video!

This video summarizes
1. What is a Reverse Diet, metabolic adaptation and who is a reverse useful for.
2. What’s the difference between a reverse and muscle gain ?
3. What is the key to successful dieting
4. Tracking Macros – optimal tracking methods
5. Tracking while traveling
6. tracking on holiday
7. Planning for special events
8. Coping with stress and managing disruption
9. How to adjust macros if you lose, maintain or gain during a reverse
10. Managing weight gain, The 3 S’s, Self image, self reflection, self awareness
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