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For those of you looking for the full HIIT routine, here it is:

Round 1:
Burpees 0:45
Mountain Climbers 0:45
Jumping Jacks 0:45
Skipping 3:00

Round 2:
Kettlebell Squats 0:45
Pushups 0:45
Long Jumps 0:45
Walkouts 0:45
Skipping 3:00

Round 3:
Kettlebell Squats 0:45
Stationary Jumps 0:45
Reverse Crunches 0:45
Skipping 3:00

Round 4
Side Lunges 0:45
Tricep Raised or Dips 0:45
Speed Skaters 0:45
Plank to Pushups 0:45

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Have a great week guys! Cheers.

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