785: Dr. Layne Norton on Taking Charge of Your Diet, Metabolism & Relationship with Food

In this episode, Sal, Adam & Justin talk with Dr. Layne Norton.

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The guys discuss the MURPH workout and the meaning behind it. (4:08)
Are certain words discriminatory? Layne talks about his time in Australia. (6:45)
Is morality based on religion or not? The Monk Debates platform and its brilliance. (8:21)
Twitter beef?! Layne shares his love/hate relationship with Twitter and how he deals with trolls. (11:54)
Can processed foods be healthy? Low Carb Zealics and the missing psychological piece behind our relationship with food. (15:35)
Nutrition is a fingerprint: It is an individual variance. The confusion behind calories in vs. calories out and the science behind it. (21:00)
Why does your body become efficient with calories? The science behind Reverse Dieting, metabolic adaptation, calorie restriction for longevity in health, adipose tissue adaptations and why people spin their wheels when it comes to dieting. (26:10)
How to End Your Diet Better. Why you need to have a plan, how the brain has an impact on everything, stress triggers and specific foods he recommends. (58:53)
How he uses intuitive eating in his life and the mantra of “minimum effective dose.” (1:16:20)
What is the difference between hunger and cravings? Understanding our relationship with food and how too much of anything can be a bad thing. (1:23:00)
What is the hierarchy of importance when it comes to health? (1:30:00)
The Debate King: Dr. Layne Norton. The guys bring up the beef with Ben Greenfield and Joe Rogan and what causes him to stir the pot. (1:39:00)
Technology advancements and its impact on health. (1:46:35)
The importance of communication in a relationship and becoming more self-aware of your partner’s needs. (1:50:00)
The Avatar fallout and his current focus. (1:59:15)
Does he have any fears of commitment or moving too fast? He talks about the house he recently bought with his girlfriend and punching above his weight class. (2:04:40)
His current team, business model and plans for the future. (2:08:45)
“I rather you hate me for everything I am, rather than love me for something I’m not.” What are the best/worst traits he picked up from his parents? (2:15:45)

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