Today I have the pleasure of talking with Dr. Layne Norton and Dr. Stu Phillips. We discuss research in the field and the difficulty of trying to have flawless studies. We then get into specific research and discuss a new paper on protein distribution.

0:40- Research that is funded
6:00- Is research rushed to get publications?
15:00- “Experts” on social media
22:50- People just wanting confirmation of their beliefs
24:00- Prolific researchers not being on social media
28:15- Getting fed up with social media
33:15- Layne discusses new protein study,
38:00- I discuss my criticisms of the study
45:00- The power of suggestion / placebo
47:00- Stu’s opinion of the new study
1:05:00- “Perfect” routines and nutrition getting you to the end goal faster
1:11:00- Outro

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