The diet and fitness industries are setup to focus on the effect, but not the root cause or why a person does what they do. Unlike other health related addictions, they focus on an individuals root cause in order to create sustainable outcomes. With the obesity and chronic conditions at an all-time high, the only one benefiting from these industries are the social media gurus who gain from society’s health failures.

Jay Cardiello is an industry-leading Health Strategist who is respected in the fitness and medical communities serving as a strength and conditioning coach to both professional athletes in the MLB and NFL and celebrities including Sophia Vegara, Jennifer Lopez, and Ryan Seacrest.

Highlights of Jay’s long and impressive resume include being named the #1 Motivator in Health and Wellness by Shape in 2013. He was ranked by along with Michelle Obama and Dr. Oz on a list of those who have made an impact on health and wellness worldwide.

Jay is the author of Cardio Core 4×4, co-star of the ABC television show “My Diet is Better than Yours,” founder of JCORE, co-founder of the “Off the Scale” intervention program and creator of the “Jay Cardiello No Diet Plan.”

Jay serves as a member of the Advisory Board for Dr. Oz’s ShareCare and is a Committee Board Member to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

He lives in NYC with his son.

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