Hello beautiful souls! I know this video is LONG but it is SOO informative 🙂 you don’t want to miss it!

There is so much information out there in regards to WHAT you should / shouldn’t eat and when it really comes down to it , we should not over complicate things.

In this video we talk about WHY certain macro nutrients are VITAL for gaining lean muscle mass and losing body fat.

We also talk about what it means if you carry body fat in certain areas and how you should create a specific meal plan for yourself according to YOUR specific needs.

We also let you guys in on my current breakfast, pre workout, post workout meals & why it is structured that way to maximize body fat loss and also to recover optimally and feel overall ENERGIZED (plus ladies, you need this in order to make sure your hormones are balanced).

Let me know what you all think of the video! Comment below if you found it super informative 🙂

If it’s too long let me know as well! Haha

Here’s the full workout:

A1: Trap Bar Deadlift x 10-12 reps
A2: Lat Pull Down x 10-12 reps

B1: DB Alternating Lunges
B2: Seated Row (rope attachment) Row to neck

C1: Hamstring Curls (feet shoulder width) x 8 reps
C2: 60 degree Incline Bench Zottman Curl x 10-12 reps

D1: Back Extension (45 degree) x 10-12 reps
D2: Trícep Extensions (lying down as “skull crushers”) x 10-12 reps

By strength coach : @therealsource (on IG)
My IG : @anettedelarosa 🙂

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