Of all the workout supplements you can buy, pre workouts have the widest variety of ingredients, dosages, and effects — which is why picking the right one for athletes like you is so much harder.

Here we’re going to run through:

1. Best Pre Workout:

Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged: https://amzn.to/2t2hzV7

2. Strongest Pre Workout

Legion Pulse: https://legionathletics.com/products/supplements/pulse/?tap_a=20522-d7ec02&tap_s=217699-ac7aea

3. Best for Fat Loss

Transparent Labs Lean: https://www.transparentlabs.com/products/preseries-lean-pre-workout/#a_aid=barbend

4. Best for Cardio

Transparent Labs Bulk: https://www.transparentlabs.com/collections/preseries/products/preseries-bulk-preworkout/#a_aid=barbend

5. Best for Men

Transparent Labs Bulk: https://www.transparentlabs.com/collections/preseries/products/preseries-bulk-preworkout/#a_aid=barbend

6. Best for Women

FitMiss Ignite: https://amzn.to/2t5J683

7. Best Stimulant-Free

Genius Pre Workout: https://amzn.to/2MOq53b

8. Best Creatine-Free

Legion Pulse: https://legionathletics.com/products/supplements/pulse/?tap_a=20522-d7ec02&tap_s=217699-ac7aea

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** Common Pre workout Ingredients **

Caffeine (energy, power, focus)

Beta alanine (endurance)

Citrulline (blood flow)

Creatine (power)

Betaine (power)

Taurine (focus)

Tyrosine (focus)

** Best Pre Workout **


A great all rounder with solid doses of caffeine, beta alanine, citrulline, betaine, and creatine, so it can support just about any kind of workout. Plus it has a hit of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and a dose of antioxidants, which might help with inflammation.

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** Strongest Pre Workout **


350 milligrams of caffeine is about as much as you’ll find in three or four cups of coffee, and an upside is that one serving is two scoops, so you can easily reduce the amount of caffeine.

Read the review: https://barbend.com/legion-pulse-pre-workout-review/

** Best for Weight Loss **


There are a lot of ingredients in Transparent Labs Lean that you’ll also find in fat burners. Big ones are synephrine and hordenine, which a couple of studies found could increase the calories you burn. It’s also just well dosed in regular preworkout ingredients: it’s got really good doses of citrulline, beta alanine, 180mg of caffeine, and some theanine to help reduce the jitters from the caffeine.

Read the review: https://barbend.com/transparent-labs-lean-pre-workout-review/

** Best for Cardio **


Bulk is a bit different to Lean in a few ways but for the purposes of cardio, it’s quite a lot higher in beta alanine for endurance and BCAAs which might help with that as well, plus there’s lots of citrulline malate to help with blood flow and potentially power.

Runner up: Pre Jym

Besides the fact that it’s super tasty, I like Pre Jym for cardio because it has 2 grams of beta alanine and it has beet extract which might help with nitric oxide production and thereby potentially help with performance, endurance, and blood flow.

** Best for Women **


Of all the preworkouts marketed at women I quite liked FitMiss Ignite, it has 100mg of caffeine, plus it’s cheap at 55c per serving so you can double your serving if you like more caffeine without it hurting your wallet too much.

** Best for Men **


This is a great preworkout for all the reasons listed earlier, but what’s cool about Bulk is that it has some ingredients that are linked to optimal testosterone production as well, so there’s a good amount of Vitamin D and zinc which are really important for that, plus there’s some boron which might also help in that department.

** Best Caffeine-Free Preworkout **


Instead of caffeine it has rhodiola rosea and theobromine, which have both been linked to better focus and reduced fatigue, plus it has really high amounts of beta alanine and citrulline and a lot of unusual ingredients often left out of pre workouts, like ElevATP for power and astragalus, which can help with focus and possibly reduce muscle cramps.

** Best Creatine-Free Preworkout **


Yep, we’re fans of Legion. Naturally flavored, very high in all the big hitters like caffeine, beta alanine, citrulline, and more, but there’s no creatine, which may be useful for folks who experience side effects from it or just aren’t that crazy about having fuller looking muscles.

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